my extended family is the absolute worst at planning things

oh hey…we’re having a dinner for nana and poppa’s 60th anniversary on such and such weekend. either saturday or sunday. but it might be lunch. tell us what works better for you!

oh no wait…that weekend doesn’t work for anyone except you! let’s do it this weekend instead. tell us if you are available. still unsure if it’s saturday or sunday and if it’s a lunch or dinner.

whoops just kidding poppa might be going to italy that weekend but no one is going to tell anyone that just in case he doesn’t end up going.

turns out…he’s not going! so we are on for the sunday of that weekend. we decided the day but never told anyone. but we won’t tell you what time and when you email us to ask what the time is we won’t email you back for 8 days. 

oh and we will tell you the day before easter weekend we are having a different family dinner then the day of we will cancel it. but it’s ok because you are so frustrated with us that you weren’t going to come anyways! i love my family….